2.4GHz Wireless UART serial TTL Transceiver Module

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Product Description

This is wireless serial transceiver module. And the frequency is 2.4GHz. There is the MCU on board with built-in encoding and decoding code and it is easy to implement remote control without pairing. You can set the network ID number, working channel and baud rate of the module through AT commands, and the modules who have the same network ID number and channel can communicate directly with each other. It is very popular for remote control systems, such as wireless doorbell, remote control rolling gates, smart car, smart home, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Working voltage: 2.2 – 3.6VDC
  • Working Current: 24mA(MAX)
  • Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Transmission distance: 120 meters (open area)
  • Logic Interface Type: UART TTL serial port
  • Communication format: 8N1 - AT command mode
  • baud rate: 9600bps(Fixed value)
  • Transparent mode baud rate: 9600 (default), can be modified to other values by command
  • Operating mode: When SET pin is low, it is AT command mode and it can be used to set the parameters of the module; When SET is high, it is transparent mode, and it can communicate with the other one which has the same network ID number
  • working channel. - Antenna: Built-in PCB antenna