₹ 15,000.00


1. the main chip of ALTERA company's new FPGA Cyclone IV   series EP4CE6E22C8N

2. Onboard high-capacity EPCS16N serial configuration chip, supports JTAG/AS two download mode

3. Onboard 64Mbit SDRAM, support SOPC, NIOSII development

4. Onboard 50MHz active crystal, the master clock system stability

5. Using 1117-3.3V voltage regulator chip, to provide 3.3V voltage output

6. Using 1117-1.2V voltage regulator chip to provide FPGA core voltage

7. Using 1117-2.5V voltage regulator chip, to provide PLL voltage output

8. Using a large number of decoupling capacitors, decoupling design

9. 5V DC power supply socket and USB interface power supply socket, two kinds of power supply mode

10. 1 reset button, can also be used as a user input button

11. 1 self locking button power switch

12. 1 LED power indicator light

13. Out of all IO interface, universal 2.54mm spacing, can be easily extended

14. JTAG download interface to download the file is .SOF, the speed is fast, the usual use of this interface is recommended

15. AS download interface to download the file is .POF, the speed is slow, need to use this interface when the curing process


Peripheral interface:

1. 4 independent keys

2. 4 LED diodes,

3. 4 digital tube

4. 4 dial switch

5. 1 buzzer

6. PS2 interface

7. RS232 serial port

8. 1*20 pin LCD socket, support LCD1602, LCD12864, TFT LCD

9. Temperature sensor chip LM754A, for thermometer experiment

10. Precision adjustable resistance, adjustable LCD backlight

11. VGA interface, for display experiment

12. I2C serial EEPROMAT24C08, for IIC bus experiment

13. Infrared receiving module