USB Connector

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A-type USB Connector Female

Model: A-USB-FEMALE Units in Stock: 94 Manufactured by: Graylogix
₹ 12.00

B-Type USB Connector Female

Model: B-USB-FEMALE Units in Stock: 65 Manufactured by: Graylogix
₹ 12.00

Micro USB Connector

Model: Micro USB Units in Stock: 31 Manufactured by: Graylogix
₹ 10.00

USB A Male to Micro USB Female Adapter Connector

Model: USBA-MICRO-USBF Units in Stock: 20 Manufactured by: Graylogix
₹ 90.00

USB-A Male Adapter with Plastic Casing

Model: USB-A-M-PLASTIC-CASING Units in Stock: 3
₹ 20.00